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Time to expose Republican strategy of Divide and Conquer

We need to expose and stop the Republican strategy of Divide and Conquer. If working Americans stand together we can rebuild this country and once again provide opportunity for ALL, not just those few at the top.


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We need strong labor movement – NOW!

Let’s hope that the right wing has awakened a sleeping giant. Never in my lifetime has this country needed a vibrant, bold and aggressive labor movement like we do now. The multi-national corporations have more power than ever and the middle class is shrinking. We need a strong labor movement as a counterbalance.

Photo from: Bob King/Duluth News Tribune, via Associated Press

A recent rally in Duluth, Minn., showed support for Wisconsin public employees in their battle against threatening legislation.

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Michael Moore – ‘America is NOT Broke’

Michael Moore speaks from Madison, WI clearly about the greed and corruption that brought us to this point. Wall Street fat cats and banksters are enjoying record profits once again, while Main Street suffers. We must demand better.

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The attack on public employees and labor unions is an attack on all working Americans.

Proud to stand with activists from all over Michigan in support of labor rights for WI workers and all Americans. Thanks to Move On.Org for sponsoring the rally to Save the American Dream. We’ve got our work cut out for us. MI and America MUST be a place of opportunity for all – not just the folks at the top.

Now is no time for a tea party. Hope you are ready to stand and fight for the American Dream.

“I can understand why Thomas Jefferson said a little revolution now and then is a good thing,” Bernero said. “The assault on unions, the assault on the public employees is nothing less than an assault on the American people.”

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