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Let’s never get too busy to offer a hand up & a kind word to our fellow human beings

It is so easy to criticize, to judge. Mitch Albom challenges his readers to ACT, and reminds us the paramount importance of that human connection we share with others. Political engagement is vital, but let’s never get too busy to offer a hand up and a kind word to our fellow human beings.

Mitch Albom: Homeless vet goes home the right way
Detroit Free Press

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Remind your neighbor to BUY AMERICAN – it matters

Our domestic Auto industry is BACK! Wall Street wrote the epitaph too soon. Remember, do your neighbor a favor and BUY AMERICAN – it matters.

Fortunes Shift for U.S., Japanese Auto Makers – WSJ.com

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Elimination of Brownfield a one-two punch for MI cities

Beyond the massive state revenue sharing cuts, the Governor’s most damaging proposal for Michigan’s cities is the elimination of Brownfield and other tax credits that incentive’s redevelopment of urban centers. This one-two punch is a deadly prescription that will stunt growth and hobble our cities and state.


Renovating the Broderick calls for about $13 million in brownfield and historic preservation credits. / 1928 file photo / Image curtosey of the Detroit Free Press

The map of Detroit redevelopment would look very different today had Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposal to eliminate brownfield and other tax credits become a reality several years ago.

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