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$1 mil in environmental clean up & redevelopment in Lansing

Proud to stand with EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to accept $1 million in additional federal brownfield dollars to apply to environmental clean up and redevelopment in Lansing. These funds are crucial to redevelopment and job creation in cities like Lansing and manufacturing states like Michigan. Thank you, President Obama.


LANSING East Michigan Avenue, south Lansing and former auto manufacturing plants are among city leaders priorities for cleanup and redevelopment with $1 million in new federal grants announced today.

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Memorial Day – A reminder to honor our protection of freedom

Memorial Day should remind us to take a moment or two today to consider the brave men and women who paid the ultimate price to protect our freedoms and way of life. May their families feel the love and support of a grateful nation.

Image from LSJ.com

IN THEIR HONOR: Memorial Day weekend events show thanks | Lansing State Journal

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GM jobs coming to Michigan and other states!!!

Image from Detroit Free Press. http://www.freep.com

GM jobs coming to Michigan and other states!!! Remember when the right wingers said we should let the “free market” work and kill off GM and Chrysler? I was proud to stand up for domestic manufacturing then and now. Great nations must produce greatly, not just consume.

5 Michigan plants to benefit from GM hiring blitz

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Patroit Flag – a reminder of resolve & solidarity after 9/11

Proud to host Patriot Flag here in Lansing… A reminder of the resolve and solidarity of the American people after the 9-11 attack. America is unbowed and unbeaten, still a beacon of hope around the world. Let’s work together to make the promise of America – land of opportunity – true today.

Image courtesy of LSJ

‘Patriot Flag’ makes a Michigan appearance in Lansing

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How can we get this so-called pastor to crawl back under a rock?

Anyone have an idea on how we can get this so-called pastor to crawl back under the rock from whence he came? Can’t decide if we’re better off ignoring him or taking time to condemn him. Guys like this seem thrive on attention…positive or negative.

Pastor Terry Jones now says he plans to protest at City Hall, may file lawsuit

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Watch me duel with Eric Bolling (who might replace Glenn Beck) about unions

Look who may take over for Glenn Beck…my old sparring partner, Eric Bolling. Man, did I get some email after this — and not all of it negative. I tell you my friends, we’ve got to spread the progressive word wherever and whenever we can!

Image curtesy of MediaITE

Read full article here.

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Very proud of my daughter, who is considering a run for the legislature

Very proud of both our daughters…Kelly, a recent U of M graduate, is considering a run for the legislature. Virginia, a CMU sophomore, was recently elected president of CMU Democrats. Especially pleased that they are engaged in progressive politics, committed to social justice.


You may again see the name Bernero on the election ballot, but it won’t be the mayor of Lansing. This time it will be 23-year-old Kelly Bernero, Virg Bernero’s daughter, who is contemplating a run for state representative.

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I cannot ignore this decision by the Governor & the Republican majority to rob Michigan residents unemployment benefits

I want to be fair and give the guy a chance, but I cannot ignore this mean-spirited and downright cruel decision by the Governor and the Republican majority to rob Michigan residents of much-needed unemployment benefits in this difficult economy. Don’t they know how many people are suffering and barely holding on? Incredible….


Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a bill to continue federal unemployment benefits that otherwise would end for 35,000 Michiganders and to reduce future state-paid benefits to 20 weeks, down from 26 weeks.

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Where would we be w/o the labor movement?

Once again, I try to educate FOX anchor on the definition of “fair and balanced.” Where would we be now without the tremendous, progressive record of the labor movement? Can working people look to Wall Street for a fair shake? Ha!

Auto Workers Bash New-Hire Contracts
Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero argues the nation’s autoworkers have the right to petition for higher wages.

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The attack on public employees and labor unions is an attack on all working Americans.

Proud to stand with activists from all over Michigan in support of labor rights for WI workers and all Americans. Thanks to Move On.Org for sponsoring the rally to Save the American Dream. We’ve got our work cut out for us. MI and America MUST be a place of opportunity for all – not just the folks at the top.

Now is no time for a tea party. Hope you are ready to stand and fight for the American Dream.

“I can understand why Thomas Jefferson said a little revolution now and then is a good thing,” Bernero said. “The assault on unions, the assault on the public employees is nothing less than an assault on the American people.”

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