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Watch me duel with Eric Bolling (who might replace Glenn Beck) about unions

Look who may take over for Glenn Beck…my old sparring partner, Eric Bolling. Man, did I get some email after this — and not all of it negative. I tell you my friends, we’ve got to spread the progressive word wherever and whenever we can!

Image curtesy of MediaITE

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We need strong labor movement – NOW!

Let’s hope that the right wing has awakened a sleeping giant. Never in my lifetime has this country needed a vibrant, bold and aggressive labor movement like we do now. The multi-national corporations have more power than ever and the middle class is shrinking. We need a strong labor movement as a counterbalance.

Photo from: Bob King/Duluth News Tribune, via Associated Press

A recent rally in Duluth, Minn., showed support for Wisconsin public employees in their battle against threatening legislation.

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Organized labor helped raise standard of living

Organized labor has been at the forefront of social change and economic progress for decades. It has helped raise the standard of living helped create the middle class. I will not sit silently as FOX and the right attempts to demonize it.

Follow the Money Interview 3/2/11

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February 23, 2011 feature on Follow the Money

Union Workers Rally for Protesters in Wisconsin

Once again, I try to convince FOX’s Eric Bolling that unions helped raise the standard of living in America and have a role to play in its future. Working people continue to be sold out by multinational corps that would rather deal with authoritarian nations that keep workers in check.

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Republican agenda: Power to the corporations

Republican agenda: Power to the corporations. Divide and conquer the “little people” and keep them in a subservient position, kinda like it is overseas, in the emerging markets they love so much. Unions give regular folks a voice, so who needs them?

What’s happening in Madison isn’t about the state budget.

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February 9, 2011 feature on Follow the Money

Celebrate comeback of GM and the Detroit 3

FOX Biz anchor Eric Bolling wants to gloat about BMW’s success down south, but still refuses to celebrate comeback of GM and the Detroit 3. Interestingly, the German car maker pays U.S. workers about half what a German worker makes…

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