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State Cannot Prosper if Cities Don’t

Our state cannot prosper if our cities do not prosper. Michigan needs cities and metro regions that work. The fastest growing states have the fastest growing cities in them – that is no accident. Michigan needs an urban agenda.

Michigan Cities’ Future: Doing Less with Less

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Governor’s Budget Message Holds Troubling Details

The Governor gets credit for personally delivering his budget message yesterday. There are many troubling details in the budget however that will hinder, not help, Michigan’s recovery. Eliminating our economic development tools like Brownfield credits, for example, is akin to unilateral disarmament in the global competition for jobs.

Questions raised on Snyder’s budget

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Who will stand for the embattled middle class?

As Michigan’s budget battle looms, who will stand for those without a lobby here in Michigan? Who will stand for the folks who rely on the bottom rungs of the ladder to pull themselves upward? Who will stand for the embattled middle class?

Criticism mounts as GOP presses ahead with budget cuts

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Budgets ARE Priorities

Budgets are about priorities; they say in clear terms what is important, what matters most to us. The budget is where the rubber hits the road, so let the battle begin. There are things worth standing and fighting for… We can’t just go along to get along.

Read more here, President Obama sets stage for budget battle

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