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About time the President turns the table on the Repubs

About time the President turns the table on the Repubs…And Boehner’s response is hilarious. He’s NOW interested in JOBS. You know you’ve got a Repub in a serious jam when he wants to change the subject — to JOBS.

Obama urges repeal of tax breaks for oil firms

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Working on developing partnership in India and bring JOBS to Lansing

Visited India last week to work on developing a partnership with a key global manufacturer to bring JOBS to Lansing and USA. What a marvelous country, where pluralism and freedom is flourishing along with economy.

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Governor’s Budget Message Holds Troubling Details

The Governor gets credit for personally delivering his budget message yesterday. There are many troubling details in the budget however that will hinder, not help, Michigan’s recovery. Eliminating our economic development tools like Brownfield credits, for example, is akin to unilateral disarmament in the global competition for jobs.

Questions raised on Snyder’s budget

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