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The “recovery” is jobless and many work far less than before

Wonder how long this reporter will survive at WSJ if she keeps writing the truth… The “recovery” is also jobless for many and many more are working for far less than before. It’s going to be a long road back and it begins with a manufacturing policy, FAIR trade and domestic investment – both public and private.


These are pretty heady times for companies, in part because they are painful for many workers, writes Kelly Evans.

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Working people – and those who wish to work – are being left behind

As usual, it’s hard to argue with Paul Krugman. He says it better than most, and given his knowledge and expertise, with more authority. It’s becoming more and more obvious, the folks at the top have gotten enough already; we need a NEW DEAL. Working people – and those who wish to work – are being left behind.


But for a few notable political figures, most of Washington seems to have abandoned unemployed Americans.

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Time to expose Republican strategy of Divide and Conquer

We need to expose and stop the Republican strategy of Divide and Conquer. If working Americans stand together we can rebuild this country and once again provide opportunity for ALL, not just those few at the top.


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Don’t be shy about defending programs who provide help

Too many of our fellow Americans are on the edge and hurting. We shouldn’t be shy about defending programs and policies that provide hope and help for those who need it most. I am against compromise that results in leaving people behind.


At a gathering in Philadelphia this week, the deep pain of working Americans was readily apparent.

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Republican agenda: Power to the corporations

Republican agenda: Power to the corporations. Divide and conquer the “little people” and keep them in a subservient position, kinda like it is overseas, in the emerging markets they love so much. Unions give regular folks a voice, so who needs them?

What’s happening in Madison isn’t about the state budget.

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Who will stand for the embattled middle class?

As Michigan’s budget battle looms, who will stand for those without a lobby here in Michigan? Who will stand for the folks who rely on the bottom rungs of the ladder to pull themselves upward? Who will stand for the embattled middle class?

Criticism mounts as GOP presses ahead with budget cuts

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