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The Danger of Donald Trump

Take a look at the leading Republican candidate for President…And you’ll realize just how GOOD the Democrats’ chances are in 2012.

The Danger of Donald Trump

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I cannot ignore this decision by the Governor & the Republican majority to rob Michigan residents unemployment benefits

I want to be fair and give the guy a chance, but I cannot ignore this mean-spirited and downright cruel decision by the Governor and the Republican majority to rob Michigan residents of much-needed unemployment benefits in this difficult economy. Don’t they know how many people are suffering and barely holding on? Incredible….


Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a bill to continue federal unemployment benefits that otherwise would end for 35,000 Michiganders and to reduce future state-paid benefits to 20 weeks, down from 26 weeks.

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Time to expose Republican strategy of Divide and Conquer

We need to expose and stop the Republican strategy of Divide and Conquer. If working Americans stand together we can rebuild this country and once again provide opportunity for ALL, not just those few at the top.


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Greening up the US Capitol? Not anymore.

Republicans do their part to roll back the clock on greening up the U.S. Capitol. We can’t have that… Big Coal and Big Oil were probably offended, and besides these were Nancy Pelosi’s ideas! You’d think they’d have bigger fish to fry… But then again, Washington gets a lot of visitors and we wouldn’t want too much “green” to catch on now would we?

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