Last night’s appearance on MSNBC’s The Ed Show discussing the Debt Ceiling “crisis” & the President’s address

The President called for an end to the “dysfunction” in Washington and issued an appeal to all Americans to demand better from their representatives. He is right, of course. We are being held hostage by the Tea Party. I challenged the President to use the 14th Amendment to protect the full faith and credit of the United States and avoid default during my recent appearance on The Ed Show.

Watch the video here

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Healthy growing middle class from worker organization

Look what happens when workers can freely express themselves and organize… Wow, a growing, healthy middle class emerges. Imagine if we could just get China, Mexico, Russia and other corporate favorites to play by democratic rules and respect workers’ rights. We might just get a level playing field where American workers could compete and economic growth for regular folks, instead of just the few at the top.

GM Agrees to Pay Korean Workers a Record Bonus of $6,140 Each and Increase Basic Salaries by 4.7%! –

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We must demand FAIR trade, instead of FREE trade

In a global economy, it is essential that we are all playing by the same set of rules, so that all workers have a chance to compete and win. When America insists on a level playing field, instead of giveaway FREE trade agreements and looking the other way at trade transgressions, domestic production increases and American workers win. We must demand FAIR trade, instead of FREE trade.

Guest Column: Staying Quiet About China is a Dangerous Approach


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California sends jobs overseas; Brings back bridge from China

Read it and weep! Even state governments sending jobs and important work to China. Chinese workers making $12 dollars per day… No need to worry about a living wage…When will Americans demand better from their government??

Bridge Comes to San Francisco, With Made-in-China Label

China, in its continual move up the global economic value chain — from cheap toys to jetliners — now aims to be the world’s civil engineer.

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NY is the 6th to legalize gay marriage. Is MI far behind?

Kudos to New York for being 6th in the nation to legalize gay marriage! It’s great to see a victory for equality and the acceptance of diversity. Can MI be far behind?

NY Legislature legalizes gay marriage |

New York lawmakers narrowly voted to legalize same-sex marriage Friday, handing activists a breakthrough victory in the state where the gay rights movement was born.

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Proud to stand with other mayors from around the nation in D.C.

Proud to stand with mayors from around the nation to demand that Washington start to put the needs of our citizens first. If we can afford to build roads, bridges, schools and sewers half way around the world, then we can afford to build them here in America, instead of allowing our infrastructure to crumble and our cities fail. Let’s stand up to the Tea Party and git er done!

Mayors See End to Wars as Fix for Struggling Cities

A resolution at the annual conference of U.S. mayors called on Congress to use the money used on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for urgent domestic needs.

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Must watch – Colbert on the Administration’s Debt Ceiling Measure

In case you missed the blatant hypocrisy of the Repubs in blocking the Administration’s Debt Ceiling measure, you may want to consult Colbert… As usual, he is hilarious and on point.

Thinking back on all the times when George W. Bush jacked up the country’s debt ceiling—and Stephen Colbert counts them all in this clip—it’s surprising how worked up the GOP is pretending to be about that same issue now. – 2011/06/03

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$1 mil in environmental clean up & redevelopment in Lansing

Proud to stand with EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to accept $1 million in additional federal brownfield dollars to apply to environmental clean up and redevelopment in Lansing. These funds are crucial to redevelopment and job creation in cities like Lansing and manufacturing states like Michigan. Thank you, President Obama.

LANSING East Michigan Avenue, south Lansing and former auto manufacturing plants are among city leaders priorities for cleanup and redevelopment with $1 million in new federal grants announced today.

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Memorial Day – A reminder to honor our protection of freedom

Memorial Day should remind us to take a moment or two today to consider the brave men and women who paid the ultimate price to protect our freedoms and way of life. May their families feel the love and support of a grateful nation.

Image from

IN THEIR HONOR: Memorial Day weekend events show thanks | Lansing State Journal

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Taxpayers rewarded, thousands of jobs saved and created, & Chrysler gets a new lease on life

What a Win-Win-Win!! Taxpayers rewarded, thousands of jobs saved and created, and Chrysler gets a new lease on life…The naysayers on Wall Street proven wrong again. Thank you, President Obama for getting the job done.

Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne on government loans: ‘Tomorrow is payoff day’

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