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Healthy growing middle class from worker organization

Look what happens when workers can freely express themselves and organize… Wow, a growing, healthy middle class emerges. Imagine if we could just get China, Mexico, Russia and other corporate favorites to play by democratic rules and respect workers’ rights. We might just get a level playing field where American workers could compete and economic growth for regular folks, instead of just the few at the top.

GM Agrees to Pay Korean Workers a Record Bonus of $6,140 Each and Increase Basic Salaries by 4.7%! –

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Watch me duel with Eric Bolling about GM

I kinda blew a gasket when FOX’s Eric Bolling once again attacked GM for not paying back the govt. loan fast enough. They are breaking records for sales and return-on-investment as GM products fly out of showrooms. You tell me if i was over the top…

Follow The Money – May 18, 2011

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GM jobs coming to Michigan and other states!!!

Image from Detroit Free Press. http://www.freep.com

GM jobs coming to Michigan and other states!!! Remember when the right wingers said we should let the “free market” work and kill off GM and Chrysler? I was proud to stand up for domestic manufacturing then and now. Great nations must produce greatly, not just consume.

5 Michigan plants to benefit from GM hiring blitz

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Free trade has sold out the American worker

My commentary on how free trade has sold out the American worker.

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Americans LOVE GM!

Here’s more great news to drive the right wing mad: Americans LOVE GM! Thank God two presidents agreed that GM and Chrysler were worth saving – they saved millions of jobs and helped avert a depression at the same time. Remember, keep your neighbors employed: Buy American.

GM Sales Surge 46% on Strong Consumer Demand

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