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Must watch – Colbert on the Administration’s Debt Ceiling Measure

In case you missed the blatant hypocrisy of the Repubs in blocking the Administration’s Debt Ceiling measure, you may want to consult Colbert… As usual, he is hilarious and on point.

Thinking back on all the times when George W. Bush jacked up the country’s debt ceiling—and Stephen Colbert counts them all in this clip—it’s surprising how worked up the GOP is pretending to be about that same issue now. – 2011/06/03

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Patroit Flag – a reminder of resolve & solidarity after 9/11

Proud to host Patriot Flag here in Lansing… A reminder of the resolve and solidarity of the American people after the 9-11 attack. America is unbowed and unbeaten, still a beacon of hope around the world. Let’s work together to make the promise of America – land of opportunity – true today.

Image courtesy of LSJ

‘Patriot Flag’ makes a Michigan appearance in Lansing

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State Legislators Need to Get Busy for Unemployed Workers

State legislators must get heads out of sand and get busy to do right by unemployed workers in Michigan. Please spread the word and talk to your representative and senator to ensure that this simple step is taken to assist thousands in Michigan.

Editorial: Quick fix would help Michigan’s jobless | Detroit Free Press |

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