Watch me duel with Eric Bolling about GM

I kinda blew a gasket when FOX’s Eric Bolling once again attacked GM for not paying back the govt. loan fast enough. They are breaking records for sales and return-on-investment as GM products fly out of showrooms. You tell me if i was over the top…

Follow The Money – May 18, 2011

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One response to “Watch me duel with Eric Bolling about GM

  1. I wish that Eric Bolling was forced to live in Michigan and see just how hard it is to get by. I think you had valid points, Mr. Mayor, and unfortunately, this guy just kept talking about the taxpayers needing to be repaid. Seriously? Yes, GM may be dishing out quite a large amount of money for 96 jobs. BUT, if GM is moving towards producing an actual electrical vehicle that the lower-end-of-the-pay-scale person or people with not so hot credit can actually afford, hey I’m all for it.

    Let’s also call to mind the business mantra of, “it takes money to make money.” Ask any business owner how their first few years went – chance are pretty rocky and they had some losses rather than profits. Bolling just kept going after you on how much GM is spending… well, they are a little bit bigger than a small start up company and therefore will require more capital for their expansions. What type of credentials does this guy have? He’s on Fox Business News, but doesn’t get this common knowledge factoid at all?

    No, Mr. Mayor, you were actually pretty tame compared to what I have been 😉 Keep up the good work and the fight for Lansing!

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